Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Meaning of My Hijab

One day, a friend came to me, and asked:

Why do you have to wear hijab?

Why can’t you be like other girls, who live free and not oppressed?

Why do you have to cover your hair and beautiful body?

You now live in the West, the land of free


I then smiled and answered:

Call me crazy but this hijab reflects my pride and dignity 

My hijab is a symbol of my faith

It is a symbol of my chastity and modesty

A symbol of righteousness and piety

It protects my heart from uncertainty


Please open your eyes and your mind, my friend

It is not a symbol of oppression like some people think

If I were oppressed,

I wouldn’t be leave my country and family and be here to study

I wouldn’t have high goals and eager to find as much knowledge I could get

I wouldn’t be active in campus clubs and become a president in an honor society


I choose to wear hijab because

I want people to see me from what I am inside not what I am outside

So you can see, I am free


I am not oppressed

And I hope you will also open your eyes to see

That Islam is not a violence religion

It is a religion of peace

As peace as my body and mind, my heart and soul

as a Muslim


Sudahkah hijab dan sikap kita menunjukkan:

"I just want people to see me from what I am inside, not from what I am outside.."

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