Sunday, December 11, 2005

Pematang Siantar (December 9, 2005)

When I was in Claremore, i got info that Andy's back to Duri.  He postponed his study until 2007.  I dont know for what reason at that time ;p.  But i dont need to wait for a very long time, coz he sent his wedding invitation, finally :). 

The wedding ceremony was held in Pematang Siantar, on Friday (Dec 9, '05).  Come on, man!  I should take one day off, then!  Heheheh no worries! I still have 14 days vacation left, which i have to spend before end of this year.  No vacation carry over will be allowed.

Then we (Petani'ers + Grace + Fajar) made a plan and arrange our trip to Siantar.  Some assesment have been made to make this plan came true.  For transportation, we had 3 options: bus, rent a car, and rent a car + driver,  which one is the most economic for all of us.  It depends on number of participants.  Finally, we end up with only 3 participants.  Me, Penyox, and Irawan... Alrite, dude!  Option 3 is the best then.

Depart from Duri @ 8 PM, with only 2 stops in Kota Pinang and Air Batu, we reached Siantar @ 7:30 AM.  We went directly to Wisma 99 (Jln Merdeka 284, 0622-25398 ) which reserved for us by Andy.  It's kinda a neat motel for a short visit, for shower and nap only.

Shower, breakfast, and got familiar with town, we drove Irawan to church for matrimony.. Indra (Andy's brother) thought Irawan was hired as photographer hehehe.  At 1:30 PM, we went to wedding reception.  It's all set up with traditional Batak wedding ceremony.  Saksang ~ babi masak darah, ulos, tor tor, and songs.  Penyok & I went to halal muster area for sure.  Lae Edwin said, it's called pasuban.  Click here for more pictures.

We left at 3 pm to A1 for souvenir & oleh2, and to hotel for get our stuff packed.  Then we checked out at 4 pm, so we can depart to duri earlier.  Irawan got to be there on Saturday 8 am.  Kruuukkk krruuukkk krrukkk, signed for early dinner! Pujasera? not yet opened!  Resto SEHAT (jl Imam Bonjol), uuppss...non halal, dudee!! Irawan warned us, his stomach alarm was ringing   Then, Penyok offered to have sea food.  He called Oom Harly, who recommend Kedai Bawah @ Jl. Sabang Merauke. It's difficult to find Kedai Bawah!  We can only find Kedai Tulek.  Lumayan lah... Halal guaranteed!  Ssslllrrruuuppp... kepiting asam manis, udang goreng, gurami bakar, and kangkung belacan... Total damage for 4 persons only Rp 175,000!!  See pictures here.

Left Siantar @ 7:30 pm, one stop at Lima Puluh, reached Gate 3 Duri Camp at 4:15 am on Saturday, just when i said:  nanti klo ada pombensin berenti sebentar ya.. aku kebelet pipis!  Ternyata pak supirnya jossss setelah minum extra joss!  ;p

Expense report:  rent car+driver (2 days): Rp 950000, fuel: Rp 325000, breakfast + dinner: Rp 196000, oleh2: Rp 235000.  Total expense: Rp 1,706,000.



  1. Wahhhh Siantar!!!! My lovely home sweet home.

    Ini yg dulu pernah krm email ke Mei2 kah ,tanya2 ttg Siantar ??? *join di milis gobatak ya ??*