Monday, February 18, 2013

My Running Progress

Run, run like you've never run before.
That's what i do..

I was a seasonal runner when i lived in Duri 1999-2007.
Twice a week or so, and few times became a runner in a triathlon event.
Always be the last runner at the finish line, the only female among male .. but it didnt stop me from running.. Until i moved to Jakarta in 2007.

No running at all since transfered to Jakarta, until December 2011.
Aris took me and ira out for a 5K fun run, which i doubt whether i can finish it.
In fact, we did that..., we reached the finished line with our last breath.. we managed to finish line in 45 minutes... not bad hah?

and now i'm in love... oh so bad with running...
i can proudly say: i'm a runner

This is my January snapshot:


This is my February snapshot:


If i continue running like this, it is possible to run total 100K in February 2013!  That's my milestone this month..  Wish me luck!


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