Sunday, April 30, 2006

New Job Assignment, New Responsibilities

Jumat sore Lawrence (my boss) dateng ke ruanganku.  He asked me to start the hand over process to Linda-candidate for my replacement, as of 1 May.  I will continue the mentoring process until she can do it by her self. 

Early 2006, Lawrence said he wanted to give more attention on technical matters of Paketigul (Pager-Kelok-Tilan-Gulamo) area, especially for the waterflood project initiatives... and I started to guide Linda, for the base business activity and daily operation...

It was not as easy as i thought. I thought she noticed already, what to do, who should be contacted, and how to handle those crazy operational stuff.  Well.. she's not bad at all, and she got experience and still, responsible for another area.  But...probably less activity made her lack of sense of awareness.. Jadi udah terbiasa santai gitu, masih sulit liat urgensinya klo ada suatu problem.  Moreover, Paketigul area is the major contributor of Primary Team.  Anything related to production enhancement and optimization, Lawrence will come and see me. 

It's been 4 years now i take care that area.  I  watched Kelok & Tilan born and grow...  I witnesss the explorations, i proposed the development plan, i managed the infill wells project, monitor produksi, puter otak buat optimisasi produksinya, dan akhirnya menikmati hasil.  So, as mentioned before, those two fields are like my babies.. Klo kata temen2 di sini, nining udah jadi mbahnya Paketigul area hehehehe.. 

Kemarin sore, mello banget.. Feeling blue, sad, happy pokoke tumplek jadi satu..... Feeling blue & sad because I'm leaving my operation people & co workers where we've been so close each other..  and feeling happy because I got new assignment & responsibilities where I can grow with the company and enhance my skills.  Ada sedikit perasaan gak rela hehehe..!  Ada perasaan ngga siap juga, kuatir Linda ngga bisa mencapai target yang dibikin diawal tahun.. Tapi aku percaya, Linda bisa banyak belajar dan bisa mandiri sebelum akhir tahun ini.  

I send text message to operation people (company man, fmt, service company) regarding this matter, sekaligus pamit ama mereka.  Kayak gini bunyinya: of 1 may, I'll be focus on technical work of Balam AMT.  After 4 years, it's now about time to hand the operational matter of Paketigul area over to other engineer.  Aku sedih banget nih.. I feel like my baby taken away from me.  I feel like breathing without the air..bener deh, rasanya kayak orang patah hati or putus cinta.  Anyway, life goes on.  More challenges i hope, coz i'm gonna be the leader of Pager Water Flood Project.  Thanks for all good works and good relationship that we had.  You still can contact me if you need some help..or for all works that i have submitted.  Tetap semangat!

Banyak sms balasan yang aku terima.  Intinya, they wish me good luck for my new assignment.  Ada yang bilang gini: Aduuuh mbak nining romantis banget deh..gak usah sedih lah, kan kita masih bisa ketemu..  tapi ada juga yang bilang seperti ini: mbak, dont go away...we still need you!

Terharu deh, baca pesan2 mereka.  Harapanku, aku meninggalkan kesan yang baik buat mereka.. semoga kerja sama yang baik tetap terjalin antara mereka dengan penggantiku... aku yakin, linda bisa!

and don't worry, friends... 'll be around! Just gimme a shout for any queries.. 

The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.
--Margaret Carty


  1. lagi melo ya, sini gue *hugs*....
    semangat ya Ningnong!!!!!
    selamat buat new assignment-nya yaaaaa.... good luck!!!!!

  2. congrats, Ning. n huge success for your 'new baby'... ^_^

  3. sukses ya ning for your new post ... alex dipangkuan gw jd sulit nulis :D

  4. selamet ya ning, semoga suksesnya berkelanjutan. amin!

  5. Ning, selamet ya...emang elo tob banget...bukan nining deh kayaknya kalo gak melo gitu...apalagi kalo lagi putus cinta..kekekekk..

  6. udah ngga melo lagi... tapi hug-nya masih mau :D

  7. thanks ya say... moga2 new baby-nya gak bandel :)

  8. thanks mbak... sun sayang buat alex ya

  9. tau aja luuuu..... ada yang pusing 7 keliling dengan kepindahan gue looo...hihihihihi puas gue!

  10. Selamat yah mbak ....udah mulai sibuk dengan 'New Assignmentnya' ya ....:D

  11. huuu, aku nyesel bilang seperti ini... kesannya kejam banget... :(